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fabric stretched on corner wall


With deep plates, all fabric tucking tools work with commercial track systems. Built from hard solid wood, Stainless Steel plates and strong permanent rivets. Simple and strong materials

fabric installer using Fabric tucking tool


A line of fabric installer tool specialized for working around architectural details in a home. Another finishing tool is available. Ask for the plastic spatula for working against delicate and soft surface.

Over 30 years experience & knowledge of fabric wall systems, dedicated to provide the best products and solutions to our valued customers.
We propose a line of 6 hand tools well built with friendly materials.

metal spatula with wood handle

Ergo Fabric Spatula

Ergonomic handle and rounded shape plate. This tool tacks any fabric in the track channel. Rock Ergo Spatula back and forth.

straight head and bend head spatulas

Straight and Bend Head Tackers

2 fabric tucking tools. Use them in the beginning of a project for fitting a fabric. Bend head works well against cabinet or ceiling.

Narrow head shape with wood handle tool

Bay Leaf Spatula

Narrow head plate for reaching in small spaces like corners and below window ledge. Flexible pointed head.

rocky fabric track tool in wood


Large plate for tucking the fabric into the fabric system once it is in place. Fast working tool. Rocky rocks!

speed roller is a in hard wood and stainless Steel

Speed Roller

After the fabric is trimmed, roll the disk in the groove to insert the remaining fabric. Quick finishing tool.

best professional tools for fabric walls

Professional fabric and track tools set

From start to finish, a great set of 8 tools all around. Cut the tracks with precision and tuck the fabric in all places. The PRO fabric installer is a complete set of tools.

fabric installer tools set of 6 pieces.

 Set of Fabric Installer Tucking Tools

What we build

We strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. 

Our passion and experience in stretching fabric on walls has taught us the type of tools to built.  Also, the best materials to select and the shape of each product. We are now sharing these products with other passionate professionals.

We know how important is your order and we make sure that all products are always in stock.  The company CLEAN EDGE SYSTEM ships tools every day from the facilities. The sales team does it very best to reply quickly to any request.

We believe that performance and results are achieved through hard work. These hand tools are put to the test. Our constance goal is to improve our product line. If you have any feedback, please let us know.

To achieve great results, an installer requires the correct hand tools in all situation and to get through various challenges. Success depends on knowledge and good efficient tools to accomplish his goal. 

Types of Project executed with the fabric tucking tools
recording studio with fabric acoustical walls

Recording Studio


conference room wall in fabric panel



home theater upholstered in fabric panels

Home Theater


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